E-Learning and Distance Learning Resources

As e-learning becomes a necessary platform for Islamic Schools in the wake of COVID-19, this page has been created to help compile and organize resources being shared on the IECN.

Distance Learning Plan- Shanghai American School (SAS)

  • Links to a 17-page PDF document that provides the following information:
    • Distance Learning Platforms @ SAS
    • Schoolwide Roles + Responsibilities
    • Student Roles + Responsibilities
    • Parent Roles + Responsibilities
    • Faculty General Guidelines for Distance Learning
    • Distance Learning: Elementary School Overview
    • Distance Learning: Middle School Overview
    • Distance Learning: High School Overview

Shared by Rasha El-Haggan, ISLA Board Member (March 19, 2020 on IECN)


eLearning Protocols

  • Learning protocols, including teacher and parent expectations
  • 1-page Word document

Originally shared by William White (Principal of Islamic School of Louisville, KY; March 16, 2020) and modified by Magda Saleh (Principal Bayaan Academy, FL; March 17, 2020 on IECN)


Online Learning Integrity Agreement

  • Student agreement to abide by the school’s online learning rules. Grades Pre-K-2 have parents sign on their behalf.
  • 1-page Word document

Shared by Magda Saleh, Principal, Bayaan Academy (FL) (March 17, 2020 on IECN)

Inventory of Ed Tech Tools

  • Over 250+ educational technology tools
  • Includes tool name, category for tool (ie productivity, assistive technology, pedagogy, etc), link to the tool, and detailed description of tool
  • View-only Google Spreadsheet

Compiled and shared by Dr. Mohammed Saleem (March 19, 2020 on IECN)

Educational Companies Offering Free Resources & Services

  • Huge list of educational resources and services that are now free for parents, teachers, and others in the wake of COVID-19
  • Includes Company, Category/Subject, Grade/Age, Link, Description and Free Service Offered
  • Organized in Alphabetical Order

Shared by Yama Achikzai (March 15, 2020 on IECN)

Talking to Kids about Coronavirus- Noor Kids

  • By Sana Aaser, Educational Director of Noor Kids
  • Resources to talk to kids age 6+ about Coronavirus
  • Includes some tips for parents and a comic for kids to help understand the virus
  • Also includes list of additional resources

Shared by Sufia Azmat, ED of CISNA (March 13, 2020 on IECN)

Webinars by ISLA/IECN Members

E-Learning Platforms Webinar

  • One-hour webinar on e-learning platforms
  • Hosted by CISNA featuring Br. Ala Odeh
  • Reviews the features, benefits and limitations of all of the following
    • G Suite for Education
    • Google Hangouts (Meet & Chat)
    • Zoom
    • Google Classroom
    • Slack
  • Q & A with helpful resources

Shared by Sr. Sufia Azmat, ED of CISNA (March 17, 2020 on IECN)

Moving Your Class Online Webinar

  • 17-minute webinar by Imran Nanlawala, Founder of Digital Learning Partners
  • Discusses how to switch to Google Classroom, G Suite for Education
  • Demos how to create the class and more

Shared by Imran Nanlawala (March 14, 2020 on IECN)

Some Considerations for Distance Learning- Part I

  • 3-minute video by Dr. Mohammed Saleem
  • Considers how we can mitigate the losses and leverage the gains to maximize learning using distance learning platforms

Shared by Dr. Mohammed Saleem (March 14, 2020 on IECN)

Some Considerations for Distance Learning- Part II

  • 12-minute video by Dr. Mohammed Saleem
  • Discusses the following considerations:
    • Difference between E-learning & Distance learning
    • 5 Ingredients to make Distance Learning successful
    • Also:
      • Making Distance Learning User-Friendly
      • Easily Accessible by ALL
      • Self-Containing
      • Clear Learner Outcomes
      • Clear Product Deliverables
      • Feedback & Guidance
      • The Human Touch

Shared by Dr. Mohammed Saleem (March 15, 2020 on IECN)

COVID-19 Resources & School Communications

Al-Rahmah School (MD) COVID-19 Letter & Plan


  • Letter to the parents
  • Teacher expectations
  • Student expectations
  • Step-by-step tutorials for parents/ students to follow to access Google Sites
  • Google Classrooms and Google Meets
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Shared by Mehnaz Fatima, Vice Principal

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