The pen is mightier than the sword.

Classroom Materials for Writing

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This is a handy 7-page teaching aid that describes the seven steps of the writing process to help students break up writing into manageable pieces or steps – great for laminating and keeping in the classroom.

This is a 9-page booklet that offers some handy explanations of a few common grammar and mechanics errors. Geared toward Muslim children.

Auditory Learners – This is a good way for all writers to brainstorm, but it is particularly useful for auditory learners.

Some great ideas on how to talk to your students about their writing so they feel ownership over their writing, learn to find their own mistakes, and desire to rewrite. In addition, this way of responding to students is easy on the teacher!

Links and Sources Related to Teaching/Learning Writing

  • PBS – PBS Teachers The Public Broadcasting Service has some amazing resources for teachers and parents. This site also offers a critical connection between lesson plans and video resources.


  • OWL – Online Writing Lab Although this is a university web site, it is extremely useful for teaching/learning writing at all levels. Some of the main categories covered on the web site are General Writing, Research and Citation, Teacher and Tutor Resources, Subject Specific Writing, English as a Second Language, and more.

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