*Tarbiyah Project in Depth by Dawud Tauhidi

The purpose of this document is to propose a framework for reform of Islamic education for school-age children and youth, particularly those growing up under the influence of Western culture. One essential step in achieving reform of Islamic education is to reshape the curriculum. This document seeks to address two important and closely related questions about Islamic education, namely, what to teach and how to teach it. The document suggests a more effective paradigm for teaching Islamic values to today’s Muslim youth based on the concept of powerful ideas and authentic instruction.

*Tarbiyah Project Implementation by Sommieh Flower

The purpose of this document to begin a dialogue, a dialogue among Muslim educators about how best to educate our children. Curriculum reform efforts of the past have sought to Islamize conventional textbook knowledge. What is now needed is a comprehensive curriculum that has Tauhid (God-centeredness in all its aspects) as its core content and approach. Integration of all subject areas around significant themes (Powerful Ideas), taught through authentic instructional models, will lead to more effective learning and life experiences for our children in the 21st century.


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