Description and Requirements

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Analytical skills to examine student test data and make recommendations for improvement in curriculum, teaching, and learning using best practices.
  • Effective writing skills
  • Good interpersonal skills to establish effective working relationships with teachers and school administrators
  • Creativity — able to think of new ways to engage students
  • Leadership skills to coach teachers on effective instructional strategies
  • Maintains in-depth and up-to-date knowledge in the related field.


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Interpret state and common core guidelines and make recommendations to school curricula to ensure that the material students learn is in line with the state’s standards.
  • Develop procedures for teachers to implement curriculum, with the support of the school admin.
  • Recommend teaching techniques and the use of various technologies to improve instruction
  • Mentor or coach teachers to improve their skills
  • Review, develop, and updates course content annually.
  • Review, develop and maintain course offering to provide a competitive program of studies in consultation with the administration.
  • Develop and maintain a research database that may be utilized to develop and review the curriculum with the goal of updating one subject per year.
  • Develop curricular goals and outlines for all subjects for new and updated curriculum as well as the current curriculum.
  • Actively pursue opportunities to continue to learn best practices in the curriculum through research, professional development, and other learning opportunities.
  • Monitor professional research and disseminate ideas and information to the staff on a regular basis.
  • Conduct and or arrange for professional development sessions for staff in the areas of need and/or for the identified goals.
  • Provide effective staff development activities that incorporate the mission of the school, program evaluation outcomes, with input from teachers and others.
  • Conduct research and consult with admin in the design and development of new curriculum
  • Implement a new curriculum through adequate teacher training and follow up.
  • Review and recommend textbooks and other educational materials to align with the identified standards
  • Manage relationships with publishers to ensure textbook edition changes and learning resources are appropriately reflected in course updates.
  • Create a systemized approach to administering standardized tests.
  • Analyze student test data and direct classroom instruction to maximize learning.
  • Obtain standardized assessment data and use evaluative findings (including student achievement data to examine curriculum and instruction program effectiveness.
  • Monitor the progress and recommend school-wide curricular adjustments to align with competitive goals with a focus on school improvement.
  • Monitor the progress of students on academic probation, on a quarterly basis.
  • Implement and follow through with the academic probation process with students, teachers, and parents.
  • Supervise the AP program and monitor the progress. Provide annual reports.
  • Coordinate the review/assessment of the current curriculum to ensure that course/program is meeting intended objectives and requirements, through the following:
    • Quarterly Review of Curriculum Maps
    • Weekly review of lesson plans
    • Weekly review of Renweb grades
  • Monthly review of classroom assessments


  • Plan the necessary time, resources, and materials to support the accomplishments of educational goals as determined by the HOS.
  • Prepare and distribute the summer reading lists
  • Create and distribute the master schedule in consultation with the Head of School.
  • Responsible for textbook renewal recommendations based upon thorough research and best practices.
  • Oversee the distribution of all textbooks to students at the start of each year and collection at the end of the year.
  • Oversee the distribution of all teacher resources to the staff at the start of each year.
  • Oversee the order of all-new text material at the end of each year.
  • Create a systemized and documented approach for all identified responsibilities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the administration.

Position Type

(Full Time)

Start Date



Name: Farhat Siddiqui

Title: Head of School

Email: hiring@ayatampa.com

School Information

American Youth Academy

5905 E 130th Ave, Tampa, FL 33617, USA



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