School Principal

Position Title: Elementary School Principal for a new school in Northeast Ohio

Position Type: Full Time

Start Date: 8/1/2023

Location: Columbia Station, OH. (Soutwest suburbs of Cleveland)

Position Title: Elementary School Principal

Position Type: Full Time

Start Date: 8/01/2023

School Name: AIM School

School Location: Ummah Center – 24050 Royalton Rd, Columbia Station, OH 44028


Who are we?

The AIM School is a non-profit private school in Columbia station, OH. We are establishing the AIM elementary School with the purpose of “raising the leaders of tomorrow through nurturing unique Islamic identity”. At AIM, we strive to have strong academic programs for our children, unique and structured Arabic and Islamic studies, extra-curriculum and character-building activities all focus on our children.

The school will open doors in the fall of 2023 god wills. We will start serving students in pre-k to 5th grade. And we add new grade level every following year so we continue to serve students all the way to 12th grade.

AIM is seeking a successful and accomplished educator for the Principal position. The ideal candidate will guide the organization with the vision and mission of the AIM and Ummah center to produce the next generation of American leaders. The principal will provide the leadership and guidance to the development of education and well-being of the organization. The principal will be instrumental to drive the institute to the next level and also partner with all of the stakeholders including parents, students, teachers, staff, and the community.

This is an on-site, full-time position and will report to the chair of Ummah Center Education Committee.

Duties and responsibilities

  • To implement and enforce discipline and the highest ethical standards at all levels
  • To provide leadership and manage daily activities, staff, and operations of the school.
  • To review the program and provide recommendations for improvement
  • To provide proactive leadership and support to promote academic success and the well-being of the students.
  • To create goals based on student achievement data, and measures to benchmarks for the success of the Islamic and secular programs.
  • To foster an Islamic environment in which students can transcend and prosper.
  • To mentor, inspire, and lead teachers and staff to maximize their potential.
  • To ensure continuous improvement of the organization.
  • To provide data-driven monthly reports to the UCEC
  • To help with public relations, strategy, finance, and budget.
  • To provide strategy and guidance for the overall growth of the school.


  • MS in education or related fields from an accredited college / university (Ph.D. is preferred but not required)
  • 5+ years of experience as a Principal in an Islamic environment
  • 5+ years of teaching experience in an accredited school
  • Leadership: Proven track record of leadership, community service, youth mentoring, and outreach initiatives
  • Islamic & Quranic Education: Intermediate level of education and training is desired, but not required.
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Also teachers with proven track record of school administration and school leadership are encouraged to apply.


  • Competitive compensation commensurate with experience
  • PTO (Paid time off)
  • Tuition discounts for all children attending AIM
  • Health insurance reimbursement

Apply: Send your C.V and a cover letter to:

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(Full Time)

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