High School Certificate Program Academic Supervisor

Position Title: High School Certificate Program Academic Supervisor

Position Type: Part Time

Number of Positions: 1

Start Date: Oct 15, 2023

Location: Houston, TX

Brief Description: Mishkah University is hiring an Academic Supervisor for its High School Certificate (HSC) program. The HSC program is specially tailored for students in the 9th to 12 grades and offers college-level courses that reinforce their foundational Islamic knowledge and can later apply towards a Mishkah degree. The Academic Supervisor will be responsible for overseeing and reviewing the HSC program’s academic affairs including curriculum, offered courses, and teaching processes to ensure the program’s advancement and consistency with its goals.
Job Type: Part-time, Up to 25 hours a week. 1099 Contractor
Location: Remote, Hybrid, or Onsite (Based in the Houston, TX Area)
Compensation: Based on experience (subject to increase with the increased enrollment of students.)
Closing Date: The position must be filled on or before Oct 15, 2023


  • Sufficient experience in teaching high schoolers (9-12 grades) in the USA
  • Must hold a university degree in Islamic Studies (Bachelor’s or above).

Description and Responsibilities:

The HSC program Academic Supervisor will work a maximum of 25 hours every week remotely, on-site at our Houston office or both. The Academic Supervisor shall administratively report to Mishkah’s Executive Director and academically to the English Program Coordinator; and duly cooperate with other staff as assigned by the Executive Director. The following are the core responsibilities:

  1. Review and supervise Mishkah’s High School Certificate (HSC) program’s academic affairs including curriculum; offered courses and their required developments/syllabi; and teaching processes to ensure consistency with the program’s goal. (The goal is to make the college-level offered courses easy to comprehend by highschoolers without significantly affecting the material quantity and quality as offered to college students.)
  2. Respond and/or supervise responses to high school students/teachers’ academic questions about the HSC Program’s courses.
  3. Supervise high school teachers conducting Mishkah courses at contracting schools.
  4. Evaluate the teachers’ conductance of the HSC Program’s courses to ensure they meet the objectives of courses they teach, by reviewing samples of assigned quizzes and homework and physically or virtually attending a few random live classes, after proper arrangement with the teachers preceding this attendance.
  5. Conduct surveys on developed material (clarity, content amount, presentation quality, content organization). This evaluation is necessary to highlight the proper academic support teachers might need in conducting these courses.
  6. Follow up the implementation of and update the academic guide according to the outcomes highlighted above, to optimize the HSC Program for its goal achievement.
  7. Interview and approve qualified teachers for the program (whether these teachers are to serve through Mishkah or through contracting schools), prior to final approval by Mishkah’s academic committee and administration.
  8. Cooperate with the HSC Program Administrator to set up academic policies and rules that are compliant with accreditation liaison, such as in-person and remote examination policies, weighted grading rules, course length, number of classes, and course completion approval.
  9. Assist the HSC Program Administrator in ensuring that courses and their tests are up to date and as developed. Further, copy the HSC Program Administrator in communications with the participating high schools for quality control purposes.
  10. Approve HSC Program grades and cooperate with the Mishkah Registrar in filing them in the students’ transcripts.
  11. Collaborate with and seek academic approval from Mishkah’s English program Academic Coordinator to ensure developed/assigned courses for the HSC Program and their related tests match with the objectives of their equivalent college-level courses.
  12. At the beginning of each semester, hold an advisory hour for high school teachers and, if applicable, another hour for high school independent students to explain the objectives of the program and its requirements
  13. Provide academic support to the instructors whenever suitable through email or over the phone. Other non-academic support is to be directed to the HSC Program’s administrator who is handling them directly or through other Mishkah departments.
  14. Adopt any related new software introduced into the system by actively attending training sessions and implement what is learned to improve the program’s overall performance.
  15. Support the marketing department by providing assistance in documenting data related to HSC Program curricula and its academic performance, and to support any other event, if required by Mishkah administration, that may bring Mishkah to the forefront of Islamic higher education institutions.

Other Considerations

  1. This position is on a 1099 basis and is subject to renewal annually based on the performance of the candidate. (Mishkah’s administration will determine if the position can be switched to a W-2 basis based on the institution’s needs.)
  2. The Academic Supervisor agrees that all work-related assignments and responsibilities at Mishkah require precision, sufficient time, and utmost care in their execution. In addition, the Supervisor agrees to comply and not to diverge from instructions and decisions made by superiors in both general and explicit cases.

Contact information: Dr Helmi al-Jamal. Please APPLY BY SENDING YOUR RESUME TO SUPPORT@MISHKAHU.COM.

Position Type

(Part Time)

Start Date

Oct 15, 2023


Name: Dr Helmi al-Jamal

Title: Educational Committee Chair



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