Averroes High School

High School Quran Teacher

Position Title: High School Quran Teacher

Position Type: Part Time

Start Date: 8/5/22

Job Description

Averroes High School is looking to add a Quran teacher to our Quran & Arabic department. We are looking for someone who is a team player, who enjoys working with youth. Averroes wants a candidate to be an effective professional who demonstrates thorough curriculum knowledge and is able to inspire students to learn and achieve. He/she should aspire to be an excellent role model for colleagues and students.

Averroes High School is located in Fremont, California.
This position is on site.

Key Responsibilities

  • To plan and lead in the classroom lessons based on a designed curriculum and syllabus.
  • Communicate and consult with parents over all aspects of their children’s education – academic, social, and emotional
  • Contribute to the development and coordination of a particular area of the curriculum
  • Teach with a social justice lens and connect with the students
  • Fully engage in all teacher training and implement what the team agrees on using as its main methodology of teaching for the students
  • Use AHS school vision and components as tools to teach and support students
  • Incorporate (and be familiar with) new, progressive, and proven methodologies into teaching and delivery of curriculum
  • Organize and manage groups or individual pupils ensuring differentiation of learning needs, reflecting all abilities

Knowledge, Experience, Skills & Abilities

  • Must have a willingness to learn new techniques and have a sense of adventure, creativity, and learning and experience in:
  • Restorative Practices Background
  • Skills on building relationships with students
  • Be a voice to recruit other students and staff
  • Practice with SEL integration
  • Has a strong sense of classroom management and discipline
  • Has experience with Youth inside and outside of the classroom
  • Willing to go on team building trips and school travel

Required Qualifications

  • BA or higher (MA preferred)
  • Teaching Credential preferred
  • 3+ years of teaching experience
  • 3+ years of experience working with high school youth

Teaching Responsibility

2-4 days a week (1 hour sessions)
4-6 hours including prep, to include some evenings and weekends
* Possibly options for advisory, leading clubs, and mentorships

Position Type

(Part Time)

Start Date



Name: Reem Bilbeisi

Title: Principal

Email: info@averroesinstitute.com

School Information

Averroes High School

Fremont, CA 94537, USA



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