Islamic Study Teacher

Description and Requirements


Teachers must carry out their professional duties under the reasonable direction of the administration.

The Islamic studies teacher will be responsible for teaching the following subjects to the classes you assigned: 


1. Islamic Studies, which covers the following elements:

● Tawheed (Unity of Allah) Basic Beliefs of Islam
Morals and Ethics

● History (The Seerah and the lives of notable personalities from Islamic History
e.g., Allah’s Prophets and the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, salAllahu
‘Alayhi wa Sallam)

● Essential Practices (Fiqh of ‘ibadah)


2. Role Model and advisor to students

● Present a role model and an advisor to students of proper Islamic character.

● Work with administration to help students develop their Islamic Identity.

● Be a guide for students in high school on proper Islamic behavior




As an Islamic Teacher you must:  


  • Cultivate and promote love for Islam and Islamic values within pupils;  
  • Be cognizant of the school’s policies, aims, objectives, and organizational procedures in such a way as to contribute positively, sensitively, and harmoniously to their achievement;  
  • Take responsibility for the progress of a class of primary-age pupils in the subjects assigned;  
  • Teach, according to their educational needs, the pupils assigned to them, including the setting and marking of work to be carried out by the pupil at school or elsewhere;
  • Undertake activities as may be necessary to carry out an assessment of pupil progress and levels of achievement, including the administration and supervision of examinations as may be necessary;
  • Provide reports on pupils and make relevant records and reports on the academic, personal and social needs and progress of the pupil;  
  • Promote the well-being and progress of each pupil;  Plan, prepare, and deliver schemes of work and lessons, that cater for the needs of the whole ability range within their class;  
  • Advise and co-operate with other teachers on the preparation, development, review, and evaluation of schemes of work, teaching programs, materials, methods of teaching and assessment, and pastoral arrangements;  
  • Participate in team and staff meetings;  
  • Take part in cover arrangements;  Take part in managing other staff;  Attend and deliver assemblies;  
  • Supervise pupils at periods before, during, and after school as assigned on the appropriate rotas;  
  • Review from time to time their methods of teaching and programs of work and participate in arrangements for further training and professional development as a teacher, 
  • staying up to date with changes and developments in Islamic curricula published by other schools or organizations or as necessitated by circumstances or as requested by the headteacher;  
  • Consult with parents and be available for consultation by parents;  
  • Order competitively priced learning resources for the teaching-learning needs of their class, according to the school’s procedural policy;  Ensure the attendance register is taken each session and kept up-to-date with pupil details and statistical calculations whenever the roll-call falls into your it is your responsibility to do so;  
  • Assist and advise class teachers in organizing the classroom and learning resources to create an Islamic, positive learning environment;  
  • motivate pupils with enthusiastic, imaginative presentations;  
  • maintain discipline according to the behavior management policy of EMAN School;  regularly mark pupil work according to the school’s marking policy, to facilitate positive pupil development and academic progress;  
  • provide feedback to parents on a pupil’s progress at parents’ evenings and other (often less formal) meetings;  
  • Support the wider school curriculum and objectives by supporting non-curricular events out of school hours and after-school clubs whenever possible.  
  • Perform any other duty allocated by the headteacher from time to time. 


How to apply: Send resume and cover letter to srashid@emanschool.net


11965 Allisonville Road

Fishers, Indiana

Position Type

(Full Time)

Start Date


Application Deadline


Name: Shaker Rashid

Title: superintendent

Email: srashid@emanschool.net

School Information

Eman Schools

12201 Lantern Rd, Fishers, IN 46038, USA



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