Pre-K to 8th grade school principal

Description and Requirements



                                                                    School Principal Pre-K to 8th grade

Izzadeen Academy is the first Islamic School in Osceola County in Kissimmee, Florida. Join us for this amazing opportunity to be part of this new school’s success story as we make history. Izzadeen Academy is going to promote Islamic spiritual and moral values based on the Qur’an. We are committed to providing students with a solid, accredited educational foundation in mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, Islam, and Qur’an.


∙ 3+ years of experience as a principal or in a similar role

∙ Degree in Education, or management, or a similar major. Master’s degree is a plus

∙ Knowledge of school administrative processes, national educational regulations, scholarships.

∙ Hands-on experience with MS Office and education management systems

∙ Great presentation and communication skills

∙ Crisis management

∙ Ability to coach, inspire and lead others

∙ A teaching license is preferred

∙ Strong knowledge of Arabic and Islam

Job Description:

The role of the principal is to provide strategic direction in the school system. The principal will develop standardized curricula, assess teacher material, monitor student achievement, encourage parental involvement, revise policies and procedures, administer the budget, hire and evaluate staff, and oversee facilities.

Position Purpose: 

The purpose of this position is to ensure Islamic leadership according to Islam and local school policies, rules, and regulations.

Major Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Ensures the development and implementation of an overall learning environment which promotes Islamic faith and education, ethical decision-making, social justice, and Muslim leadership. This is accomplished by promoting a curriculum that integrates Quranic values; assuring the integration of the school as part of the Islamic faith community; enabling staff to serve as role models for students; promoting a leadership style compatible with Islamic principles, and personally witnessing to the principles and values of the Islamic faith.
  2. Ensures the development, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive curriculum program that complies with Islamic and state standards of curriculum requirements. This is accomplished by overseeing the implementation of instructional goals and objectives for each grade; evaluating the current curriculum to determine strengths and weaknesses and collaborating with staff in selecting supplementary programs.
  3. Ensures the supervision of certified support staff. This is accomplished by overseeing the recruitment, hiring, training, motivation, and evaluation processes. Also responsible for terminating staff. The Principal oversees the formulation and implementation of instructional goals and objectives for individual teachers; provides instructional resources and professional development for teachers. The principal convenes staff to promote the integration of the school’s mission, goals, and policies; and promotes a working environment that incorporates the principle of collaboration and shared decision-making.
  4. Ensures that learning standards are developed and maintained for students. This is accomplished by assuring that students are tested and evaluated regularly and appropriately, and that test results are shared with parents. The principal oversees the development and maintenance of accurate and current student records and files.
  5. Ensures the development and maintenance of effective communication systems between parents, teachers, and school administrators. This is accomplished through regular written communication to the parents; regularly scheduled meeting opportunities between teachers and parents; regularly reporting students’ academic progress; and participation in a club, foundation, and committee activities and meetings.
  6. Oversees the development of an overall financial plan for the school. This is accomplished by collaborating with the School Commission, Foundation, and PDO boards and develop a long-range financial plan for the school, including fund solicitation, fund-raising, alumnus’s association development, and endowment programs.
  7. Collaborates with the School Board in administering the school. This is accomplished by developing annual school programs, plans, goals, and objectives and participating in programs, meetings, etc. sponsored by the Mosque.
  8. Ensures the development of policy and process for disciplining students. This is accomplished by incorporating the values of justice-making and membership in a community in promoting positive discipline and its consequences.
  9. Participates with other secular and private schools in the community in facilitating joint programs and/or the acquisition of joint supplies with the local school district.
  10. Ensures the preparation and submission of all necessary reports to the state as well as the school board. The principal also adheres to all applicable state and Islamic safety and health regulations.
  11. Maintains a level of knowledge and skills required to function as a Principal. This is accomplished through reading, attendance at diocesan in-service training opportunities, participation in worships, conventions or convocations, and through membership in local, state, or national professional organizations, as approved and as appropriate.

Responsibilities to the school advisory commission:

  1. Serves as staff and executive officer to the School Commission. Principal discusses agenda issues to help the Commission Chair prepare the agenda, ensures the preparation of information, research, and other appropriate data as requested by the Commission. The principal collaborates with the Commission in preparing the annual budget and modifying it as needed.
  2. Works cooperatively with the School Commission in the implementation of their recommended School policies.
  3. Furnishes data and makes recommendations in preparation for the annual budget.
  4. Keeps the School Commission members informed of the general operation of the school.


The performance of this job will be evaluated by provisions as outlined in the negotiated contract between the School Board and the Principal of Izzadeen Academy. Candidate should be able to wear Islamic dress code and respect the Islamic faith values and culture.
Please register here: https://forms.gle/syCcWaP6aUbbHtW17 by June 14th.
Employment starts: June 15th, 2020

Position Type

(Full Time)

Start Date

June 15th

Application Deadline

June 14th

Pay and Benefits

  1. Salary commensurate with experience education level
  2. Health care
  3. Optional retirement plan
  4. Tuition discount for dependents
  5. Professional Development Program
  6. Tuition Assistance for the Academy's related programs
Salary range will be $42k – $60k plus as well as “Relocation & Moving Allowance for Qualified Candidates” Competitive salary will be based on qualification and experience.


Name: Isa Alhaj Hussein

Title: HR Manager

Email: HR@IzzadeenAcademy.org


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