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Al-Hidaya Center in Latham, NY is a fast growing community and is need of hard working, dedicated staff to fulfill the community needs.  We are not only hiring for many positions for their upcoming full time school but for our current positions as well.  We have 100’s of youth and a great youth program that we need a full time Director to oversee and improve it InshAllah

Please read the job description and fill out the application through the link below.

Youth Director Job Description

Al-Hidaya Center in Latham (AHCL) has a growing youth program (middle and high school age) that serves the needs of many youth of all ages. The challenge facing AHC’s youth is that the Muslim population is rapidly growing, yet the programs provided are not running at maximum efficiency. The youth program is managed on a volunteer basis. In order to maximize the performance and efficiency of the youth programs, AHC has created a “Youth Director” position. This is a full-time, paid position responsible for the oversight, management, and improvement of existing programs, in addition to the development of new programs. The Youth Director will report directly to the president of AHCL.

Time Commitment: Full-Time Position

Compensation: Commensurate With Experience


  • Oversee AHCL Youth Programs.
  • Develop and oversee leadership programs for qualified youth.
  • Develop and oversee confidential counseling services for troubled youth.
  • Develop and oversee educational/recreational programs for college-aged youth with the local college/university MSAs.
  • Develop and oversee new learning & development programs for youth.
  • Develop and oversee a big brother/sister program.
  • Oversee the youth seminary programs.
  • Create performance and progress reports for AHCL Youth Programs for management.
  • Participate in meetings with other chairpersons, directors, and staff as needed.
  • Assist with and/or create special events supporting youth programs.
  • Support other AHC campaigns, initiatives and events.
  • Communicate and coordinate with the religious authorities of AHCL.
  • Keep records of events and/or programs
  • Create budget for events and/or programs



  • Pray regularly in the Masjid (lead by example)
  • Dress according to Islamic principles
  • Needs to be punctual.
  • Needs to report directly to the AHCL president.
  • Needs to be self-reliant, able to carry out tasks and create projects independently
  • Needs to be able to research, plan, build, and initiate programs for the youth
  • Needs to have adequate skills in record keeping
  • Needs to be able to manage and oversee budget
  • Needs to be able to supervise and manage others
  • Needs to prioritize and manage workload during high stress situations
  • Needs to complete administrative responsibilities and properly document progress through detailed reports.


  • Must possess a Bachelor’s degree or have 5 years equivalent experience in youth development, psychology or a related field.
  • Must have strong communication, organizational and leadership skills.
  • Must be a highly motivated individual who is passionate about Islam as a way of life and guiding young Muslims as a career.
  • Must have a strong understanding of Islamic etiquettes, manners, and appropriate behavior.
  • Must have an adequate understanding of the fundamentals of Islamic teachings.
  • Must have a thorough understanding of challenges and hardships Muslim youth face in New York.
  • Must have the ability to relate well to elementary age youth, teenagers and adults from different backgrounds.
  • Must speak fluent English.
  • Must be proficient in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and google drive.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must be legally eligible to work in the United States.

Are you interested in this position? Go to the link below to apply.                                      


Position Type

(Full Time)

Start Date


Application Deadline

March 31, 2021


Name: Uzma Popal

Title: Senor Educational Advisor

Email: uzma@al-hidaya.org

School Information

Al Hidaya Learning

322 Troy Schenectady Rd, Latham, NY 12110, USA



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