Professional Development for Islamic Schools

ISLA provides Professional Development grounded in research and practice. Professional Development providers have decades of experience in Islamic schools and are experts in school leadership, classroom pedagogy, character development and more.

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Creating Reliable and Valid Assessments
Length: 1/2 day
Presenter: Fawzia Tung, MD

In this new era of data-driven instruction, assessments play an increasingly important role. What are the goals of a teacher-produced assessment? Does the assessment reflect these goals? What does the resulting score mean? This workshop trains teachers in the nitty-gritty process of designing a test that accurately measures and reports a student’s mastery of the material learned. Administrators will learn to process such scores into meaningful data which can be used to plan further instruction policies. By the end of the workshop, the teacher will be able to write accurate and reliable assessments and use data from assessments to plan instruction.

Developing Good Character Traits
Length: 1/2 day
Presenter: Patricia Salahuddin, EdD

Nurturing the moral excellence in our students so they can reach their full potential can be achieved with team effort and a school wide approach. This presentation will guide the school’s “stakeholders” in identifying common values and devise ways to get students to internalize and apply character traits that represent the core values of the school and Islam.

Creating a Peaceful and Positive Learning Environment: Classroom Discipline
Length: 1/2 day
Presenter: Patricia Salahuddin, EdD

In an Islamic school, our ultimate goal is to foster God-consciousness in our students. We want them to do the right thing when no one is looking simply because it is the right thing to do. This presentation helps participants create a positive learning environment for students to assist them in developing self-discipline.

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Other Workshops Offered

  • Overview of Accreditation
  • Teacher-Leader Development
  • Arabic Language Instructional Strategies
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Classroom Management
  • Whole Child Education
  • Teacher Professional Development and Continuous Learning (PLC or PLN)
  • Response to Intervention
  • Inquiry-Based Classrooms
  • Developing Student Centered Classrooms
  • Backwards By Design: Developing targeted Assessments
  • The Responsive Classroom
  • Bullying
  • Character Education
  • Foundations of School-wide Islamic Pedagogy
  • Maker Space: How to Create, Develop and Use It
  • Learning and Technology: Getting the School Aligned to Today’s Digital Classrooms
  • Islamic Studies Instructional Strategies
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • ELA through Daily 5
  • Integrating Quran, Islamic Studies, and Arabic with other Core subjects
  • Creating a Reflective School Environment
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Full-Day Workshop (4-6 hours)

Member School: $1000 Non-Member School: $1200

Half-Day Workshop (2-3 hours)

Member School: $600 Non-Member School: $700

School pays for the ground and air transportation, lodging and food of presenter.

Additional fees apply for multi-school workshops.

Email us at to schedule these or any other customized workshop for your in-service and professional development needs.

Understanding Contemporary LGBTQ+ Narrative: Course for Islamic School Educators

A safe space to explore and dig into the complex topics of gender, sexuality, morality, and identity within an Islamic worldview and begin to understand how to approach and address these issues in your school and community.

Launches June 12 with access to course recordings and materials for 3 months. Self-Paced, asynchronous course hosted on Canvas. Two 60 minute Live Sessions (optional, but highly encouraged)


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