Professional Development for Islamic Schools

ISLA provides Professional Development grounded in research and practice. Professional Development providers have decades of experience in Islamic schools, and are experts in school leadership, classroom pedagogy, character development and more. Contact to schedule a Professional Development workshop for your school today.

Workshop Offerings

Implementing Spaced Learning

Length: 1/2 day

Presenter: Fawzia Tung, MD

“Memorization” is the big bad ‘M-word’ of learning skills. Yet, throughout their schooling, students are expected to memorize a huge amount of information, from vocabulary to math facts, scientific terms to historical facts. Typically, this learning is not done in class but left to the student to perform at home. So how do you, as a teacher, train your students in memorization? How effective is repetition and practice? Recent research in neurophysiology has identified the precise steps of how to turn short-term memory into long-term memory. This workshop will present and discuss how to align your teaching to the natural way the brain learns. By the end of the workshop, the teacher will be able to implement Spaced Learning in her/ his classroom.

Creating Reliable and Valid Assessments

Length: 1/2 day

Presenter: Fawzia Tung, MD

In this new era of data-driven instruction, assessments play an increasingly important role. What are the goals of a teacher-produced assessment? Does the assessment reflect these goals? What does the resulting score mean? This workshop trains teachers in the nitty-gritty process of designing a test that accurately measures and reports a student’s mastery of the material learned. Administrators will learn to process such scores into meaningful data which can be used to plan further instruction policies. By the end of the workshop, the teacher will be able to write accurate and reliable assessments and use data from assessments to plan instruction.

Developing Good Character Traits

Length: 1/2 day

Presenter: Patricia Salahuddin, EdD

Nurturing the moral excellence in our students so they can reach their full potential can be achieved with team effort and a school wide approach.  This presentation will guide the school’s “stakeholders” in identifying common values and devise ways to get students to internalize and apply character traits that represent the core values of the school and Islam.

Creating a Peaceful and Positive Learning Environment: Classroom Discipline

Length: 1/2 day

Presenter: Patricia Salahuddin, EdD

In an Islamic school, our ultimate goal is to foster God-consciousness in our students. We want them to do the right thing when no one is looking simply because it is the right thing to do. This presentation helps participants create a positive learning environment for students to assist them in developing self-discipline.

Caring for the Gift: Your Body

Length: 1/2 day

Presenter: Patricia Salahuddin, EdD

The body has rights over you and taking care of it is a form of worship.  According to a hadith, “Allah gave humans two favors that are treated unjustly by most people: health and free time.”  This interactive presentation demonstrates and discusses ways to enhance physical, mental and spiritual health. Participants engage in physical exercise, breathing exercise and mental relaxation. Additionally, they are reminded of how stress relievers are built into our Islamic practices.  

Effective Classroom Management Strategies

Length: 1/2 day or full day

Presenter: Mussarut Jabeen

In order to meet individual student needs and address issues that impact student learning, it is crucial to develop effective classroom management skills. In this workshop, teachers will explore research-based 21st-century skills and will be able to create a classroom that enhances students’ emotional intelligence and academic achievement, boosts their confidence, and equips them with the skills that will help them succeed in the classroom and beyond. These innovative strategies and best practices will help create a positive school culture and boost teacher and student morale. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to understand the concept of Classroom Management and its impact on school culture. They will also be able to develop strategies to empower students to play a bigger and more self-directed role in their learning.

Learning from Finland: Cultivating the Joy in Learning

Length: 1/2 day

Presenter: Seema Imam, EdD or Mussarut Jabeen

Students in Finland consistently rank at the highest levels for educational attainment in multiple subject areas. Yet their educational practices are uniquely relaxed, allowing for student autonomy and exploration. After a visit to Finland and personally seeing their education system in action, the presenters developed ideas on how schools can merge ideas in Islamic education with new educational practices that work. In this presentation, teachers will learn about how to take new steps that will directly enhance their instruction and student outcomes, drawing from what has been learned from Finnish schools and the unique position of Islamic schools in America.

Differentiated Instruction

Length: 1/2 day

Presenter: Seema Imam, EdD

Rick Wormeli said, “If teachers are not differentiating, they are committing a willful act of negligence.” This presentation is about making your classroom fit your many students instead of making your students fit your classroom. Learn about the deep practice of making differentiation your teaching style. From flexible seating arrangements to varied instructional strategies, teachers will walk away with a variety of methods to effectively teach even their hardest-to-reach students.

Meeting ISTE Standards with Triple E Throughout the Curriculum

Length: 1/2 day

Presenter: Seema Imam, EdD

There are many notions of what it means to teach with technology. What is important is that students are prepared for the world they live in. This presentation takes three concepts, Engage, Enhance and Extend into the decision making of instructional planning. How does a teacher use technology so that they engage, enhance and extend student learning through their use of digital tools?  Liz Kolb’s book is the basis for this new strategy called ‘The Triple E.’ Using the standards from the International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE) this presentation will guide our thinking and focus our instructional practice.

Inquiry Based Classrooms

Length: ½ day to full day

Presenter: Rasha El-Haggan

Inquiry-based classrooms move away from the traditional model of the teacher-centered classroom where the teacher is the sage on the stage. In an inquiry-based classroom, the students are the center of the classroom and the teacher becomes the guide by the side. In theory, this idea is wonderful and many Islamic schools realize that this is the direction education is taking us. However, how do we actually create inquiry-based classrooms? How do we develop and implement Units of Instruction that are based on inquiry? What does an inquiry-based classroom look like or feel like. In this customizable workshop, teachers are taught the elements of inquiry, how to design a unit of inquiry, and how to transform their classroom into a student centered environment.

Teaching Reading through Inquiry

Length: ½ day to full day

Presenter: Rasha El-Haggan

This workshop enables teachers to transform their reading instruction so that it uses the inquiry-based model of teaching and learning. Participants learn how to engage learners through various reading strategies that allow the learning of language, learning about language and learning through language.


Teaching Reading through the Daily 5

Length: ½ day to full day

Presenter: Rasha El-Haggan

This workshop trains teachers on how to engage students in their classrooms and create independent learners using the inquiry-based structure called The Daily 5. This strategy allows teachers to customize learning in the ELA/Reading classroom by meeting the needs of diverse learners. The Daily 5 shows teachers how to use 5 reading tasks to teach Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanded Vocabulary strategies (CAFE).

The Flexible Classroom: Environments that Promote Inquiry

Length: 1/2 day

Presenter: Rasha El-Haggan

When you need to get your work done, where do you choose to sit? Some people might choose to sit on a comfy couch. Others might need to spread out on the floor. Still others might work standing or sitting on a chair and table. Knowing that as diverse learners, we need to be flexible with our work environments, why are our classrooms designed with just desks and chairs? In this workshop, teachers use researched-best practices to redesign their classroom into flexible seating environments that engage students in meaningful learning. Teachers also explore ways to manage student choice and learning behavior in a flexible classroom environment.


School pays for the ground and air transportation, lodging and food. Additional fees apply for multi-school workshops.

Full-Day Workshop (6 hours)

Member School: $700

Non-Member School: $850

Half-Day Workshop (2-3 hours)

Member School: $400

Non-Member School: $550

Other Workshops Offered

  • Overview of Accreditation
  • Teacher-Leader Development
  • Arabic Language Instructional Strategies
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Classroom Management
  • Whole Child Education
  • Teacher Professional Development and Continuous Learning (PLC or PLN)
  • Response to Intervention
  • Inquiry-Based Classrooms
  • Developing Student Centered Classrooms
  • Backwards By Design: Developing targeted Assessments
  • The Responsive Classroom
  • Bullying
  • Character Education
  • Foundations of School-wide Islamic Pedagogy
  • Maker Space: How to Create, Develop and Use It
  • Learning and Technology: Getting the School Aligned to Today’s Digital Classrooms
  • Islamic Studies Instructional Strategies
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • ELA through Daily 5
  • Integrating Quran, Islamic Studies, and Arabic with other Core subjects
  • Creating a Reflective School Environment


Dr. Seema Imam, Ed.D.

Dr. Patricia Salahuddin, Ed.D.

Dr. Fawzia Tung

Mussarut Jabeen, MA

Rasha El-Haggan, MA

Matthew Moes, MA


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