OF $35,000 GOAL

Advancing Islamic Education In The United States

Your generous support will allow us to expand our research and give educators the tools to provide students with the best that Islamic education has to offer.


Supporting over 50,000
muslims students and
1000 educators


Elevating Islamic schools
through real-time research,
data & professional development.


Providing guidance to
educators and administrators
for the growth of Islamic schools


We made sure educators were prepared for the challenges that COVID-19 brought and we aspire to ensure that educators have what they need for the future growth of Islamic schools.
Your gift to ISLA will enable our research as we embark on a comprehensive study of Islamic schools which will inform decisions that will affect the trajectory of Islamic education for decades to come.
Our study will identify the urgent and long-range challenges of Islamic schools and improve their ability to meet the needs of their students.

Make Islamic
Schools Educational Institutions of Excellence

Give to ISLA this Ramadan. We give educators the tools to help students succeed.


Give to ISLA this Ramadan.

A gift for the future leaders of Islam. Your donation will advance Islamic education and help Muslim students nationwide.

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