Information, resources, instruction, and direction to assist schools and trusts in reducing ongoing expenses

Accreditation provides a structure for the difficult work of looking inward, and a school must look inward if it seeks to reach out to students.

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Forms, Handbooks, and Evaluations

Probably the most time consuming aspect of being a principal of a new school is the problem of creating the necessary forms for doing the business of education.

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Finance & Fundraising

Most Islamic schools are long on dedication and short on money. The lack of money can and will kill your school.

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An Interesting Fact: Almost 75% of Islamic schools indicate that they are operating either independently or autonomously.

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Additional Resources

Discipline and Student Behavior

The purpose of discipline is to create a safe learning environment for children.

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Public Relations and Dealing with the Media

A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep

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