Register your school on our national registry

Registration is only open for full-time Islamic schools. If your schools is not listed here, please contact us and we will create a user account for you. Once you have your user account, you will be able to complete your school registration.

“Why should I register my school?”

  • Make it easy for parents to find your school
  • Contribute to the data collection to help research, grant writing, and media accuracy
  • Be counted
  • Let others both inside and outside your community know how to contact your school

“Will registering my school for the first time take too long?”

NO. Registration should take about 10 minutes. Please contact us to request New School Registration information.

“I’m not sure if my school is registered. Can I check?”

YES. Please click to check whether your school is already registered.

“This is a bit confusing. Is there a person I can talk to?”

YES. Email us with your name, phone number and question, and we’ll walk you through the process. Contact us by clicking here and ask us to give you a call.

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