Please note: ISLA school membership is a fee-benefits option while registering your school is not. Please read below for more information on ISLA membership. The ISLA registers/keeps a list of all Islamic schools in the US and encourages you to add your school to that list.

Register Your School

The ISLA encourages full time Islamic schools to become an ISLA member school.

Advertise your school’s JOB openings on the front page of our website – according to current member schools, this is probably one of the most important benefits and has helped them fill positions quickly with well qualified educators.

  • Unlimited number of JOB ads per year
  • Unlimited number of pages per JOB ad
  • Front webpage exposure where your school’s jobs will scroll
  • Announcement of your school’s new job listing on our almost 600 member mailing list
  • Prominent display on our Find A School list so parents can see your services and learn more
  • Professional Development discounts for ISLA conferences and retreats
  • Access to videos of prior retreats and conferences
  • Eligible to join Careington Health Discount plan services

Membership in a professional organization – this is important for school accreditation.

Year long membership that is valid for one year beginning with the date the application is processed.

Automatic membership in the IECN, our almost 600 member mailing list and access to the archived emails of that list.

Periodic “Freebies” – the ISLA routinely raffles off valuable items and opportunities such as books, electronics, professional development, and more. Check out this page for specific and current freebies: ISLA School Services

Fee Schedule

1 - 100 students


101 - 200 students


201 - 300 students


301 - 400 students


401 - 500 students


501 + students


*please include 1/2 day enrollments in our “enrolled students” number
**(any number over 501 students is a flat rate)


65 students   = $100; 113 students = $200; 340 students = $400; 745 students = $600.

Your membership fee will be figured automatically when you update your school’s registration or register your school for the first time.

Membership is available at the end of the Update/Register process.

NOTE: Membership for one school may not be combined with another school or schools, nor may a “central office” take membership for more than one school.

Update/Register your school on our national list of schools

Why Should I Update/Register My School?


  • Make it easy for parents to find your school.
  • Contribute to the data collection to help research, grant writing, and media accuracy.
  • Be counted.
  • Let others both inside and outside your community know how to contact your school.

NOTE: You may do TWO things here: Update/Register your school AND take ISLA Membership. The option to choose Membership is available at the end of the Update/Register process and is not required to register your school.

“Will registering my school for the first time take too long?”

NO. Registration should take about 10 minutes. Please click below to request New School Registration information.

“I’m not sure if my school is registered. Can I check?”

YES. Please click below to check whether your school is already registered.

Forgot school login? Request your login via email Contact Us – indicate your title/position and school’s name and state. Your school will be contacted to verify the request. Email only requests accepted; no phone calls, please.

“This is a bit confusing. Is there a person I can talk to?”

YES. Please click below to contact the ISLA.

Al Hamra Academy member school

Al-Furqan Academy+

Al-Furqan Academy member school

Al-Iman School member school

Al-Rahmah School and Nursery member school

Alhuda Academy member school

Annoor Academy member school

Annoor Academy of Bentonville+

Annoor Academy of Bentonville member school

Arizona Cultural Academy member school

Austin Peace Academy member school

Averroes High School member school

Bayaan Academy+

Bayaan Academy member school

Brighter Horizons Academy – College Preparatory member school

Crescent Academy International member school

Crescent View Academy member school

El Sewedy International Academy of Cincinnati member school

Garden of the Sahaba Academy member school

Good Tree Academy+

Good Tree Academy member school

Greater Lansing Islamic School+

Greater Lansing Islamic School member school

Houston Peace Academy member school

Ibn Seena Academy member school

ICC Community School member school

ILM Academy member school

ILM Academy member school

ILM Academy member school

Indiana Horizon Academy member school

ISBR Academy (Weekend Sunday School) member school

Islamic Academy of New England (in partnership with Al-Noor Academy High School)+

Islamic Academy of New England (in partnership with Al-Noor Academy High School) member school

Islamic School of Louisville member school

Islamic School Of Miami member school

Islamic School of Muslim Educational Trust (ISMET)/ Oregon Islamic Academy (OIA) member school

Islamic School Of Rhode Island+

Islamic School Of Rhode Island member school

Lexington Universal Academy member school

Miftaahul Uloom Academy member school

MTI School of Knowledge member school

Muslim Community School and Alim Academy member school

Nashville International Academy member school

Noor-Ul-Iman School member school

Nur Academy member school

Nur Islamic School of Louisville+

Nur Islamic School of Louisville member school

Pillars Preparatory Academy member school

Pleasant View School member school

Qalam Collegiate Academy – Girls Only member school

Sunrise Academy member school

Tarbiyah Academy member school

Universal Academy of Florida member school

Universal School member school

ZamZam Knowledge Academy+

ZamZam Knowledge Academy member school

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