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ISLA Leadership Retreat 2017

December 8-10, 2017

T Bar M Camps & Retreats | 2549 State Highway 46 W. | New Braunfels, TX

For Islamic School Principals, Administrators, and Teacher Leaders

ISLA Leadership Retreat Goals: 

  1. Engage participants in an intensive, guided exploration of their beliefs, attitudes, and practices as it relates to their spiritual and professional development as Islamic school educators

  2. Increase school leaders’ efficacy in utilizing its material and human resources through a strengths-based resource inventory

  3. Identify principles for conflict resolution that are applicable to participants’ school communities utilizing a moral framework embedded in Islamic traditions

  4. Explore culturally-relevant practices for schoolwide and classroom practices that can improve self/staff motivation for excellence

  5. Create personalized action plans that allow participants to apply new knowledge and insights to address current school/classroom challenges

2017 Theme

Reorienting Our Hearts and Minds:

A Paradigm Shift in Leading Islamic Schools

What effect does the spiritual health of your heart and mind have on you as an Islamic School leader? How does it influence your ability to successfully instill moral and ethical values in your staff and students? How does it define your leadership? How does it impact your school vision and mission?

The reality is that school leaders are consumed with budgets, board meetings, lesson plans, parent concerns, student progress, and more. School leaders rarely– if ever– have an opportunity to look inward and take account of their own spiritual well-being. Yet, as we learn from our ultimate role model, the Prophet Muhammad, taking time to reflect on society and self is a prerequisite to becoming an effective and transformative leader.

It is time, then, for us as Islamic school leaders to reorient our hearts and minds!

Throughout the ISLA retreat, we will be given opportunities to reflect, assess our spiritual health, and explore our relationship with Allah and its connection to the work we do in Islamic Schools. Participants will engage in discussions, presentations, workshops and activities. In addition, we will visit nearby caverns to better understand the transformative effect that solitude and reflection had on our beloved Prophet. These conversations and activities should plant the seeds of a paradigm shift in your leadership of Islamic schools as you turn your attention to your spiritual development.

The retreat will conclude with work on an individualized action plan that you will take back to your school to help you implement programs and practices that were explored over the weekend.

Meet the Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Nadia Katrangi:

Retreat Cost:

Member Schools: $375/pp

Non-Member Schools: $425/pp

*Cost includes registration, lodging and 6 meals

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