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The papers in this archive were provided to the ISLA for posting on this web site. The ISLA created this archive for the sole purpose of providing greater exposure and access to research related to Islamic edcuation. The opinions, theories, conclusions, recommendations, and/or hypotheses expressed in the papers found in this archive are those of the author(s).

We deeply appreciate the efforts of each author and encourage researchers to share their work here.

Abbasi, Loretta

Building a World Class School (Overview) (Power Point)

Building a World Class Islamic School: Teaching with Your Strengths


Al-Kabour, Sarah

Funding Issues Faced by a Muslim Nonprofit in Post–9/11 America (pdf)


Amri, Judi

Unraveling the Case Against School Choice (pdf)


Ayari, Dr. Salah

Benefits of Becoming a Data Driven School(pdf)


Coburn, Anas

Muslim Identity in Postmodern America (pdf)

Muslim Education in a Technological Society (pdf)


Ezzeldine, Dr. Omar Mahmood

Hiring and Retaining Educators (pdf)

Factors at Religious Schools that Affect Retention – PhD Dissertation (pdf)


Keyworth, Karen

Trial by Fire: Islamic Schools After 9-11 (pdf)

Islamic Schools – Data Based Profiles 2006 (pdf)

Fast Facts about Full Time Islamic Schools in the United States 2008 (pdf)


Moes, Matthew

Islamic Schools as Change Agents (pdf)

Creating Islamic Culture in Muslim Schools (pdf)

Charter Schools and the Freeing of American Education (pdf)

American Muslim Schools and the Single-Sex Approach to Education (pdf)

Collegial Governance in Schooling (pdf)

Education Law & Muslims (pdf)

Guide for Non-Muslims Working in Islamic Schools (pdf)


Qadri, Yasmeen  

Leadership in the 21st Century: New Challenges for Islamic School Principals (pdf)

Democracy in Islam: Myth or Reality (pdf)


Sahin, Inayet 

Islamic Schools And Commercialism: Problems And Solutions (pdf)

The Experience Of Turning To A Spiritual Path And Healing The Emptiness (pdf) 


Shamma, Dr. Freda


Tung, Dr. Fawzia Mai

Arabic Language Survey Tool (doc)

Arabic Language Survey Outcome (Power Point)

Qu’ran Studies Survey Tool (doc)

Qu’ran Studies Survey Outcome (Power Point)


Zarzour, Safaa

School Voucher Program Coming to a City Near You: The Supreme Court Rules Cleveland Program Constitutional

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