In May 2022, Americans were again reminded of the violence that can too often disrupt the sense of security we have as we send our children to school. ISLA constituents were also shaken. After more than two years of managing the COVID-19 crisis, the school shooting in Uvalde, TX in which 19 children and 2 adults were murdered, was a stark reminder of the threats facing the safety and security of our school communities.

Spurred by this event, ISLA decided it was time for Islamic schools to have a toolkit that responded to their unique needs. We received a $10,000 IRUSA grant that allowed us to engage in this research and resource development.

We began by surveying our administrators on their concerns around crises that could impact their school. Below is an infographic depicting the findings of this survey.

The resources that were curated and created after conducting this survey are located in ISLA’s Crisis Response Toolkit. The Toolkit includes templates and multimedia training materials.

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