The Islamic Schools League of America

continues the challenging work of building an organization that will continue far into the future.

Our Board of Directors

Sergil Naviwala


Mussarut Jabeen


Dr. Seema Imam

Member at large

Rasha El-Haggan

Member at large

Our Staff

Dr. Shaza Khan

Executive Director

Yahya Van Rooy

Community Development Director

Dr. Samar Al-Majaideh

Research Project Manager
Profile of Lisa Kahler

Lisa Kahler

Program Manager

Claudia Carballo

Finance Manager

Our Founders

Karen Keyworth


Judi Amri


Dr. Freda Shamma

FADEL founder

Ahmad Al-Wazir



Our most dedicated supporter has been F.A.D.E.L. organization, to which we owe our deepest gratitude. Their commitment to Islamic education is unwavering. In addition to F.A.D.E.L, numerous other individuals and organizations have supported the League since our incorporation in 1998. The Contribution that each has made to the success of the ISLA’S mission is significant and incalculable. Equally important is the support that the League receives from the talented and dedicated educators working in the Islamic K-12 schools that this organization serves.

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