The Islamic Schools League of America works in partnership with educators, organizations, and universities to foster the development, growth, and quality of Islamic education primarily by establishing networks, providing resources, disseminating knowledge, nurturing leadership, and carrying out critical and foundational research on Islamic education and full time schools.


The Islamic Schools League of America envisions and works towards the day when Islamic schools will be the preferred centers for learning and leadership that nurture and encourage America’s youth to develop their innate creativity and inquisitive nature in the pursuance of academic excellence while anchoring their hearts and souls in a moral framework of a God-centered life.

Organizational Status

The Islamic Schools League of America (the ISLA) was incorporated in Virginia in 1998 and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN 54-1926543).

About The ISLA

The ISLA was founded by four parents whose own children benefited from an education in an Islamic school. The realization of how much Islamic education had helped their own children led to an interest in the general condition of Islamic K-12 education across the country. A year of research revealed that the status of Islamic education nationwide was encouraging because Islamic schools were growing rapidly in Muslim communities across the country.

However, it was obvious that the status of Islamic education also was fragile. In some cases, as quickly as new schools opened, others closed their doors, plagued by a multitude of problems and obstacles. One of the biggest problems the ISLA observed was that Islamic schools were often working in complete isolation. There was no strategy in place to interconnect the schools with other schools and with organizations providing ancillary services, of which there were many. Many of the schools were also unaware of educational resources and information; they were often too overwhelmed with the task of keeping the doors of the school open to search for such information.

The need described above shaped the ISLA’s focus and direction. The first goal was to facilitate communication and networking opportunities for the schools. The next goal was to try to make it easier for schools to access vital information that would enhance the school’s instruction and the professional development of their faculty. Finally, it was the ISLA’s goal to raise nationwide awareness of the urgency in supporting Islamic schools and working to improve Islamic education, in general, in America.

For the ISLA, the success of Islamic schools is not an option; it is a must. Our vision is achievable. Our mission requires that we all work together in support of Islamic schools. This is the ISLA’s service to God, our children, community, and country.

The Islamic Schools League of America continues the challenging work of building an organization that will continue far into the future.

Our Board of Directors

  • Shaza Khan, PhD Interim Executive Director
  • Kathy Jamil, MS Chair
  • Matthew Moes, MA Vice Chair
  • Sergil Naviwala, BA, CPA Treasurer
  • Fawzia Mai Tung, MD Secretary
  • Seema Imam, EdD Member at Large
  • Mussarut Jabeen, MA Member at Large
  • Patricia Salahuddin, EdD Member at Large


Our Education Advisors

  • Salah Ayari, Ph.D.
  • Susan Douglass, Ph.D.
  • Muhammad S. Eissa, Ph.D.
  • Ann Elmoslimany, Ph.D.
  • Sommieh Flower, MA
  • Salahuddeen Abdul Kareem, MA
  • Nadeem Memon, Ph.DFreda Crane Shamma, Ed.D.
  • Zahra Williams, MA


Our Founders

  • Ahmad Al-Wazir
  • Judi Amri
  • Karen Keyworth
  • Ali Hassan Al-Shwikhat

Our most dedicated supporter has been F.A.D.E.L. organization, to which we owe our deepest gratitude. Their commitment to Islamic education is unwavering. In addition to F.A.D.E.L., numerous other individuals and organizations have supported the League since our incorporation in 1998. The contribution that each has made to the success of the ISLA’s mission is significant and incalculable. Equally important is the support that the League receives from the talented and dedicated educators working in the Islamic K-12 schools that this organization serves.

©2017 Islamic Schools League of America

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