Our Mission

The Islamic Schools League of America works in partnership with educators, organizations, and universities to foster the development, growth, and quality of Islamic education primarily by establishing networks, providing resources, disseminating knowledge, nurturing leadership, and Carrying out critical and foundational research on Islamic education and full time schools.

Our Vision

The Islamic Schools League of America envisions and works towards the day when Islamic schools will be the preferred centers for learning and leadership that nurture and encourage America’s youth to develop their innate creativity and inquisitive nature in the pursuance of academic excellence while anchoring their hearts and souls in a moral framework of a God-centered life.

Our Organizational Status

The Islamic Schools League of America (the ISLA) was originally incorporated in Virginia in 1998. In 2019 it was re-incorporated in IL. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN 54-1926543).

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