Launching – ISLA’s Database Project

ISLA Database Project

ISLA’s Database Project

ISLA is proud to announce that it’s Database Project is in full swing and the Full-Time Islamic School Survey has been launched.

The Database Project is foundational work that the ISLA has engaged in since its inception, 25 years ago. Co-founder Karen Keyworth sought to create an accurate list of Islamic schools across the country, including detailed information about the schools that would allow ISLA and other researchers to gauge the maturity of the Islamic school sector.

Our current project launch is the culmination of one year of background research analyzing, revising and consulting with other experts and principals on ISLA’s previous database questionnaire and other like-surveys. This ISLA Database Project will obtain data the provides insight into the current landscape of full-time Islamic schools in the US by obtaining real-time data on all full-time Islamic schools that are currently in operation.


ISLA’s Database Project is a research project targeted to full-time Islamic schools in the US.  Previous surveys have indicated that there are 300+ full-time Islamic schools representing 50K students in the US.  With the full-time Islamic School Survey, ISLA intends to obtain a more precise picture of exactly how many schools are operating, the number of students served, resources available at our schools, and capture the growth/decline in schools post-COVID.


Full-time Islamic School Administrators (principals, heads of schools, school managers, etc.) will be the individuals requested to complete the survey.  Any school personnel with access to HR, financial, and enrollment data may complete the survey.


Data obtained from the survey will provide accurate information on Islamic Schools which will be used to inform decision-making & advocacy on the national level.  All data will be anonymous, and will not be identifiable to any individual school.  Aggregated data will be shared out to Islamic school leaders in reports and infographics, and will also be shared at the national and global level will policy and decision makers.


Links to surveys were sent out via email the  beginning of December to the school contact information currently on file with ISLA.  It is expected that survey completion will take 20-30 min to complete.  Only one submission is needed per school.


Surveys will be provided digitally for on-line completion.  Do you live on the West Coast? The ISLA Team will be in-person at the ISNA Ed West Coast Forum January 13-14, in Orange County, CA.  Drop by our booth to meet our amazing team and complete the survey in-person.

Help us obtain accurate data to inform future decision-making and advocacy on behalf of full-time Islamic Schools! Thank you for your help in obtaining 100% participation from all of our amazing schools.

Complete the survey here:


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