Understanding Contemporary LGBTQ+ Narrative: Course for Islamic School Educators

Organized by ISLA June 12, 2023
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Join the Islamic School League of America’s (ISLA) professional learning community on

“Understanding Contemporary LGBTQ+ Narrative: Course for Islamic School Educators”

Lectures by:
Dr. Sharif El-Tobgui

Moderated by:
Yahya Van Rooy

A safe space to explore and dig into the complex topics of gender, sexuality, morality, and identity within an Islamic worldview and begin to understand how to approach and address these issues in your school and community.

Launches June 12 with access to course recordings and materials for 3 months.
Self-Paced, asynchronous course hosted on Canvas.
Two 60 minute Live Sessions (optional, but highly encouraged)

Live Session Dates:
Friday June 16 @ 7 pm (PST) | 9 pm (CST) | 10 pm (EST) | Saturday, June 17 @ 6 am (Dubai)  | 11:30 am (Adelaide)
Friday, June 23 @ 7 pm (PST) | 9 pm (CST) | 10 pm (EST) | Saturday, June 24 @ 6 am (Dubai)  | 11:30 am (Adelaide)

For Whom?
Islamic school educators across the world, including administrators, curriculum developers, Islamic studies teachers, Muslim youth workers and counselors.

More Details: 

Course Goals
  • Develop foundational knowledge grounded in an Islamic perspective around gender, sexuality, morality and identity
    • Why an Islamic Worldview matters
    • Understand and apply an Islamic Framework to contemporary issues
  • Understand the implications of the contemporary language related to gender and sexual identity
  • Deconstruct the secular framework used to explain sexual and gender identity and reconstruct using an Islamic framework
  • Prepare to lead a discussion with stakeholders (parents, students, teachers, community members) using a 3C “Prophetic Pedagogical” Approach: Clarity, Conviction, and Compassion

Course Outline:

5-week On Demand ISLA Course

Week 1: Sexual Revolution, Civil Rights & Current LGBTQ+ Movement

  • Decoupling Sex, Marriage, and Reproduction
  • Civil Rights
  • Identity Politics
  • LGBTQ+ Movement Today

Week 2: Worldviews & the Importance of Maintaining an Islamic Worldview

  • Modern secular vs. Islamic worldview
  • Islamic vs. secular paradigm on gender and sexuality specifically
  • What does Islam actually say (and not say) about “LGBT”-related issues?
    • same-sex feelings/behaviors
    • gender nonconforming behaviors/dispositions
    • transgenderism and gender transitioning

Week 3: Sexual Paradigms & Culture, Globalization & Modernity

  • The historical and cultural specificity of the modern Western sexual paradigm
  • Same-sex desires/acts before “homosexuality” in pre-modern Muslim culture
  • Feelings, actions, identity (perspectives through time)
  • The transcendence of Allah’s command, or the unbreachable red lines
  • Universalizing the Western paradigm and the “liberal Muslim” critique of Islam on homosexuality

Week 4: What Is “Homosexuality”?

  • Understanding the subjective experience
  • Getting our language and paradigm right
  • “Being gay” (identity paradigm) vs. “having same-sex attractions (or SSA)”
  • Where does homosexuality come from?
  • How to deal with Muslims experiencing SSA or gender identity disorder?

Week 5: Civic Engagement and “Allyship”

  • Can we be allies with the LGBT community?
  • Does the LGBT community “support” Muslims? Can Muslims “support” the LGBT community?
  • Muslims as a primarily religious vs. a primarily political community: which do we want to be?
  • How do we engage with political activism and stay true to our principles?

Week 1-5Being Unapologetically Muslim

  • Holding strong to Islamic beliefs and principles
  • Responding with Clarity, Conviction, and Compassion
  • Enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong (al-amr bi-l-ma‘ruf wa-l-nahy ‘an al-munkar)
  • Lakum deenukum wa liya deen (to you your moral way and to me mine)
  • Witnesses to Allah: truth, compassion, conviction.

Date and Time

Course begins June 12

Registration is open till Tuesday, June 20, 12 pm CST

Launches June 12 with access to course recordings and materials for 3 months.


Hosted on Canvas and Zoom 


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