2023 AAAMH Contest Virtual Award Ceremony

Celebrating African & African American Muslim History Award Ceremony

Saturday, February 25th @ 4 pm ET

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This year we had 400 student submissions from 64 schools and 19 states, Mash-Allah!  Our 40 judges  from across North America, spent on average 6-7 hours examining student work.  At the conclusion of the contest, they provided feedback feedback on the projects:

  • “I was impressed with the students’ creativity. Also, I was impressed with their choices. I’ve learned a lot about some of the African Muslims that I’ve never known.”  Judge
  • “I didn’t know that Summayah, the first martyr in Islam, was Abyssinian or that Muhammad Ali refused to have a hollywood star because he didn’t want anyone stepping on our Messenger’s name–SubhanAllah :)”  Judge
  • “I learned about muslim trailblazers that I had not heard of and was educated with more hindsight of some of our great heroes in Islam. I am very proud of the participants!”  Judge

Students learned some important lessons from their research:

  • “Something unexpected that I learned from my research for this project was that there are many Muslims that highly influence the world around us, but have little-to-no recognition; which I’m guessing is due to Islamophobia or them just not receiving the attention or publicization they are worthy of. I’ve also learnt that many people have turned Muslim because of their acts. One other thing that I have unexpectedly noticed was that many of the African and African-American Muslims I’ve researched were activists as they fought or are still fighting for equal rights as a complete human society.” 6th Grader
  • “How much black muslims alive have contributed our society. There are hundreds if not thousands of African American muslims that made a change, this was really influencing and unexpected because of the vast amount of contributions.”7th Grader
  • “After reading about Halima [Aden]’s life, even my perspective on the world changed. I don’t have to be like everyone else to succeed in this world. I just have to be myself, and that is 100% enough.” 8th Grader

What will you learn?

Check out the winning projects, and read more about the vital contributions that African and African-American Muslims have made throughout history and in the 21st Century.



MuslimKidsTV is a major sponsor for this year’s contest, and will be presenting each winner with the following amazing options:

  • Animate the project and e-publish on the MuslimKidsTV platform
  • OR receive an unpaid internship to develop an e-book on the life of a major African or African-American Muslim

Note of Appreciation

We would like to appreciate the students, judges, schools, community members, including our AAAMH Advisory Committee, who made this event happen.  A special note of thanks to the nine organizations who provided sponsorships for this year’s contest, and allowed us to organize the contest with no registration fees, THANK YOU:





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