Corporate Member Highlight | Centre for Islamic Thought and Education, University of South Australia, Australia (CITE)


In ISLA’s August Newsletter, we had the honor of featuring one of our esteemed corporate members: the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) at the University of South Australia. Through this spotlight, we aimed to showcase endeavors undertaken by CITE in providing comprehensive courses on Islamic Education. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for their graciousness in sharing the following insightful details:

How would you describe what CITE does?

CITE is positioned to become a global frontrunner in the realm of Islamic thought and education. This involves melding the rich heritage of Islamic scholarship with contemporary insights to serve both local and international communities with exceptional academic prowess.

Central to CITE’s ethos is the conviction that scholarly pursuits must transcend academic confines to enact meaningful and positive societal transformation. This translates into a dynamic and impactful engagement strategy that extends to communities, media, governmental bodies, and non-governmental organizations.

CITE’s influence isn’t confined within national borders; it radiates internationally. We’ve fostered pivotal partnerships across diverse sectors, including collaborations with state and federal governments, as well as esteemed NGOs such as the Islamic Schools Association of Australia, Independent Schools Victoria, and Independent Schools SA. Our global reach extends to key regions like Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

Through these extensive domestic and international alliances, CITE is uniquely poised to set itself apart competitively, amplifying its contributions to the global discourse on Islamic thought and education.

Which service are you most proud of?

The service that CITE would be most proud of is their exclusive offering, the Graduate Certificate in Education (Islamic Education). This distinctive qualification, tailored to the Australian context, demonstrates CITE’s commitment to academic excellence and innovation in the realm of Islamic education. Through meticulously crafted online courses, CITE ensures that learners can seamlessly integrate their educational pursuits with their professional responsibilities. The program not only facilitates reflective practice but also equips educators in Australian Islamic schools to elevate their teaching practices and provide exceptional educational experiences for Muslim students across diverse learning environments.

Share one thing that you would like everyone to know about

CITE wants everyone to know that it is striving to become a global leader in the realm of Islamic thought and education. By merging the profound heritage of Islamic scholarship with contemporary insights, its mission is to serve both local and international communities with unparalleled academic excellence.

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