Iman Academy Southeast

  • School Motto: Iman Academy Southeast’s motto is: Striving for Excellence!
  • Location: 825 Jetstream Ct. Webster, TX 77598 (We are located in Southeast Houston and are the largest Islamic school in the region)

  • School Leader: 

    • Middle/High School Principal: Hisham Youssef

    • Elementary School Principal: Aliyah Harris

    • Childcare Director: Ameenah Latheef

    • President of the Board of Trustees: Ahmed Zaqoot

  • When Established: Iman Academy Southeast was founded in 1996. We have been running for more than 27 years!

  • Grades Served: We serve all students from 6 weeks old in our childcare, to 12th grade in our high school.

  • Enrollment: We currently serve 570 students

  • Website:

Something amazing about your Iman Academy Southeast:

Nestled within the heart of our community, Iman Academy Southeast’s uniqueness lies in its seamless integration of faith and education. With a tailored curriculum that intertwines academic excellence and Islamic values, it fosters a holistic development that extends beyond the classroom. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to nurturing not only knowledgeable minds but also compassionate hearts, preparing students to be global citizens grounded in their identity. As a vibrant hub of cultural diversity, our school celebrates unity through understanding, creating an environment where every student’s journey is a remarkable and unique tapestry of growth.

Quote from a student/parent:

“We are so happy we chose Iman Academy Southeast for our child, as it has been an absolute blessing. I like that the school focuses on the Islamic environment, as well as academics. My child consistently scores above average on all standardized tests.  Every day, we witness our child’s love for learning and their growing connection to their faith, all thanks to Iman Academy Southeast, alhamdulillah!.” – Parent

More Pictures from Iman Academy Southeast:

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