ISLA Staff Announcements – Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage

This month ISLA is saying farewell to two of our staff members.  May Allah swt bless and reward their efforts, and put barakah in all future endeavors.  Scroll to learn more about these amazing individuals.

Claudia Carballo, ISLA Finance Manager

Our amazing Financial Manager, Claudia Carballo, has worked with ISLA for over a decade.  She has served a crucial role in ISLA’s growth and development.  Her contributions have been incalculable to the success of ISLA.
Ms. Carballo is also the Financial Manager at the expanding Universal School in Buffalo, NY.  She will be focussing on her role as they grow their student and staff population.  We are excited at the opportunity for Ms. Carballo to continue to grow professionally and support one of ISLA’s wonderful school members.
Claudia Carballo served ISLA faithfully behind the scenes for 10+ years and we are immensely appreciative for all of her hard work in keeping ISLA on task and in compliance with all government regulations, as well as for her work with maintaining cash flow and supervising all membership payments and donation.
Jazakum Allahu Khairan Claudia! May Allah swt bless and support you in the next phase of your career!

Lisa Kahler, ISLA Program Manager

Lisa Kahler joined our staff as a program manager in 2022. During this short period she has made an impact on all of our programming including our (now) monthly newsletters, Chai w/ Shaza, monthly workshops, and our course on Addressing LGBTQ+ Issues in Islamic Schools & Communities.  We have benefitted from her first-hand knowledge of the full-time Islamic school community, as well as her expertise in planning and scheduling.  We will miss her contributions at ISLA, but will look forward to seeing her future growth and development.
Ms. Kahler will be moving on to another professional opportunity serving the Muslim community.  Look for her occasional articles to appear at Islamic Horizons. She will continue to support ISLA on the Advisory Committee of  ISLA’s 2nd Annual Celebrating African & African-American Muslim History Contest.  Watch for Lisa at the AAAMH Virtual Awards Ceremony on February 25th!Plane Flying Into Sunset



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