ISLA Welcomes Todd McKinney to Our Board

Photo Todd McKinney


Todd McKinney, ISLA Board Member

Photo Todd McKinney

Todd McKinney, ISLA Board Member

We are honored to have Todd McKinney, a long-time ISLA supporter, join our Board of Directors this year. Mash-Allah, he has many years of experience in financial audit and internal control, including government operations and grant management.  He has  non-profit management experience, as a founding member of a masjid in Nashville, TN  where he led the organization’s incorporation.  Mr. McKinney’s efforts included drafting organization documents, state filing, budgeting, application and award of 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

Mr. McKinney is a strong believer in education and the power it has to transform lives.  He feels that any measure of success that he and his family have attained are by Allah’s grace through the persistent pursuit of educational opportunities.  He believes strongly in Islamic education, and became Muslim over 30 years ago.  Alhamdulillah, he has been able to raise all of four of his children as Muslims. Each of them have had some degree of formal Islamic education which he believes has been critical in the development of their character and values. In addition, his wife spent her career in education, including a very successful tenure with one of our local Islamic schools in Nashville.
With a Master’s of Accountancy from Belmont University, he was worked for the state of Tennessee as an Internal Auditor for over a decade, and currently he works for the State of Tennessee as an Inspector General in the Department of Human Services.

We are blessed to have Todd join ISLA’s Board, and we are looking forward to leaning in to his experience as we anticipate the next phase of ISLA’s growth and development.

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