Science Teacher

Description and Requirements

This is a full-time teaching position at a private Islamic preK-12 school. In grades 6-12, it is an all-girls school. This position begins in August of 2018 and ends in June of 2019.

The science instructor is expected to teach middle or high school science.

Job Requirements

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree (required)
  • Pass school background check (required)
  • Completed or enrolled in teaching certification coursework relevant to teaching position (preferred)
  • Possess teaching endorsement(s) in the content area or grade level being taught in 2018-2019 (preferred)
  • Two years of teaching experience with a record of high student achievement (preferred)

Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

Student Achievement and Character Development

  • Takes personal responsibility for the academic outcomes of every student to ensure outcomes result in measurable academic growth and increase every student’s achievement and potential
  • Sets and holds students to high academic and behavioral standards
  • Personally embodies and demonstrates character that models positive and mission aligned behaviors that reinforce the same values in Aqsa students
  • Uses an effective system for tracking student mastery of curricular objectives for each unit throughout the school year aligned with Aqsa School Leadership Team academic goals and school mission
  • Maintains accurate and complete records, including but not limited to: attendance, behavior, student achievement data, grades, progress reports, parent communication, textbooks, etc.
  • Exhibits strong instructional and classroom management skills

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Uses measurable, ambitious, and attainable goals for the year and each interim assessment cycle (content and NWEA) set by the Aqsa School Leadership Team
  • Develops and implements daily lesson plans as part of a long-term scope and sequence aligned to the curricular goals of Aqsa School
  • Tracks student progress, and performs regular data analysis to determine student mastery and diagnose areas of conceptual misunderstanding
  • Uses a variety of approved rigorous formative and summative assessments to evaluate individual academic progress and adjust instructional plans to meet the needs of students
  • Employs a variety of creative, differentiated, and research-based instructional strategies that ensure students are actively engaged in meaningful and rigorous learning experiences
  • Uses technology to support and personalize student learning
  • Records, tracks and submits student progress, attendance and grades on time
  • Carries out and follows curriculum established by school or department

Classroom Culture

  • Develops a positive, achievement-oriented and structured learning environment so that all students are invested in their academic excellence and can fulfill their potential
  • Ensures a setting that meets the needs of all students (gifted, IEP, 504, age appropriateness, etc.)
  • Sets and reinforces clear expectations and routines that align to school-wide values, policies and mission
  • Recognizes, celebrates, and rewards student achievement and character development
  • Follows and applies school policies to reinforce school mission, culture and operations (ex. demerit, tardy and food)

Student and Family Relationships

  • Builds rapport with students, parents, and families so they understand that teachers support them
  • Establishes and maintains open lines of communication such as providing accessibility to students and families beyond the hours of the typical school day
  • Invests parents and families in their children’s academic success through consistent communication of student progress and challenges

Start Date

August 2018

Pay and Benefits

School Tuition Discount Health Insurance Professional Development


Name: Janelle Scharon

Title: Instructional Leader

Email: jscharon@aqsa.edu

School Information

Aqsa School

7361 W 92nd St, Bridgeview, IL 60455, USA


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