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This page contains workshop recordings and resources to support you in engaging your students with the latest tips and tools. In these rapidly changing times, we hope this page can be a go-to for ideas and more as you continually seek to improve your craft.

Teach with Tech: Engaging Students Online w/ Sophia Jetpuri

Teach with Tech: Classroom Management in a Virtual World w/ Sophia Jetpuri

Teach with Tech: Build Your Own Interactive Notebook w/ Sophia Jetpuri

September 2, 2020

Interactive Notebooks are not just for in-person classrooms. Learn how to create interactive *digital* notebooks in this workshop led by Sophia Jetpuri.

Learn about:

  • what are interactive notebooks
  • how they support student learning
  • how you can create them!

Resource: Free Templates for Interactive Digital Notebooks

Teach with Tech: Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Educators w/ Sophia Jetpuri

August 19, 2020

We had a wonderful time with Facilitator Sophia Jetpuri learning about the benefits of Chrome Extensions within our classrooms. Check out these life-saving Extensions for Educators!

Teach with Tech- Bitmoji Classroom w/ Sophia Jetpuri

August 12, 2020

*Unfortunately we encountered a technical problem 40 minutes into the workshop when the video stopped recording. However, the voice is still there. We hope you can still follow along with the verbal directions! 

Examples of Bitmoji Classrooms from Teach with Tech Students:

Resources from the Bitmoji Classroom can be accessed here: https://linktr.ee/americanmuslimteacher

Sister Huda Taji's Bitmoji Classroom

Sister Amber's Bitmoji Classroom

Sister Nuzkiya's PreK Bitmoji Classroom

Sister Dalia's Arabic - Bitmoji Classroom

Teach with Tech Intro

August 5, 2020

In this webinar, Dr. Seema Imam shares foundational information about teaching with technology, including tips for virtual teaching, a quick overview of ISTE standards, and the “Triple E” framework.

Click here for the Slides!

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