ISLA Directory of U.S Islamic Schools: 10 Top Benefits! 

Utilizing the ISLA’s Directory: A Multifaceted Resource

By Samar Al-Majaideh, Ed.D
June 1, 2023

ISLA is committed to maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date U.S full-time Islamic School Directory hosted on our website. The Directory includes useful details like the name, location, and contact information of full-time Islamic schools, alongside brief details of the school’s unique programs or services. It serves a wide range of stakeholders, including parents and educators, administrators, researchers, and policymakers, as a valuable resource on Islamic education in the U.S.

The following are some of the top 10 potential uses for ISLA’s directory:

  1. School search for parents: Parents can use the directory to find Islamic schools in their area or throughout the country, making it easier to identify suitable educational institutions for their children.
  2. Networking and collaboration: The directory can facilitate networking and collaboration among Islamic schools by providing contact information and details about each institution. Schools can collaborate on projects, share best practices, and learn from each other’s experiences.
  3. Resource sharing: The directory can be a platform for sharing resources, such as educational materials, professional development opportunities, and information about grants or funding sources, among Islamic schools.
  4. Research and data collection: Researchers and educational organizations can use the directory to identify Islamic schools for research studies, data collection, or analysis of trends and patterns in Islamic education.
  5. Support for new Islamic schools: New or prospective Islamic schools can use the directory to connect with established institutions for guidance, advice, or mentorship during the planning and implementation stages.
  6. Marketing and outreach: Islamic schools can use the directory for marketing and outreach efforts, increasing their visibility and attracting new students, staff, or supporters.
  7. Community building: The directory can help build a sense of community among Islamic schools, fostering a network of institutions that share common goals, values, and challenges.
  8. Policy advocacy: The directory can be a valuable resource for policymakers, educational organizations, and advocacy groups working to improve the quality and accessibility of Islamic education in the USA.
  9. Professional development: The directory can help educators, administrators, and staff members identify professional development opportunities, workshops, or conferences relevant to Islamic education.
  10. Specialized services: The directory can assist families and community members in identifying Islamic schools that offer specialized services, such as special education programs, counseling, or after-school activities.


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