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Recordings and related files for webinars hosted/co-hosted by ISLA

In an attempt to provide opportunities for networking and continual learning, ISLA will be providing regular webinars for Islamic school leaders, educators and board members on a regular basis. Find recordings and resources here. Email us with ideas or topics for future webinars: info@theisla.org

Teach with Tech Intro

In this webinar, Dr. Seema Imam shares foundational information about teaching with technology, including tips for virtual teaching, a quick overview of ISTE standards, and the “Triple E” framework.

Click here for the Slides!

Educators Weigh In: Racism in Islamic Schools

In this webinar, our panelists will explore:

  • What are the overt and subtle ways in which Islamic schools might be perpetuating racism?
  • What experiences can our guests share about racism they have experienced, or that black students have experienced?
  • What can Islamic school leaders and teachers do to address the problem of racism in our schools and broader society?


Imam Jihad Saafir- Islah LA, President

Quran Shakir- Mohammed Schools of Atlanta, Former Principal; United Islamic Schools of Atlanta, Founder

Sabria Mills- MACE: Muslim Advocates of Children with Exceptionalities, Founder and Executive Director; Dope Woman Podcast, Producer

Habeeb Quadri- MCC Academy, Superintendent; 2019 National Distinguished Principal Award


Dr. Shaza Khan, Executive Director, ISLA

Dr. Patricia Salahuddin, Vice Chair, ISLA

Webinar Discussion Highlights and Resources:
  • Representation Matters
  • Copying public schools
  • Consciously Construct Culture
  • Institutionalized Racism & Intersections
  • Move Towards Equity
  • Reflection is Necessary
  • Resources
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FYI Teachers Training Webinar with ISLA, April 12, 2020

Let’s admit it: Distance learning has caused a lot of new stresses for Islamic school educators. From learning new technology to balancing our home-based responsibilities, we are actually doing more than we may have ever done before.

Join The FYI’s Alaa Mohammad Shareef, a researcher at The FYI and an Islamic school teacher, to learn how you can manage stress, strive for balance in your life, and facilitate student wellness.

Alaa Mohammad Shareef holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, as well as Certificates in Childhood & Adolescence Studies and Cultures & Communities Studies. She has also received formal training for Quranic exegesis skills at Al Qasid Institute in Amman, Jordan. Alaa has served on the Islamic Society of Milwaukee’s Education Board as Curriculum Developer where she designed and implemented a uniquely engaging program for children and young adults. She has years of experience conducting behavioral therapy intervention and community education. Alaa currently conducts research with The Family and Youth Institute on the history of Muslim mental health and works as an Islamic Studies instructor at Hamza Academy in Valley Stream, NY. Her interests include expanding the field of Islamic Psychology, eliminating the stigma surrounding mental illness, Islamic education curriculum development, Muslim mental health advocacy, and content creation of mental health literature and resources.

ISLA-CISNA Webinar on Pre-K & KG Digital Tools, April 10th, 2020

Google Sites, Learning Kits, and Schedules for PreK: Presented by Sister Melissa Tauheed, Director of  Al – Rahmah Nursery and Childcare Centre

Superkids, Readworks, and IXL for KG: Presented by Sister Omnia Haddad, Kindergarten Teacher for Bayaan Academy

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Download [899.46 KB]

Pre-K & KG Digital Tools Webinar: How to create Drag-and-Drop and Interactive Power points, April 10th, 2020

Presented by Sister Dalia Eldeeb and Sister Hanen Dehmani, Bayaan Academy

Click here for the Arabic language instruction video Resources/Examples!

CARES Act and Islamic Schools

Dr. Shariq Siddiqui, expert in philanthropy and co-author of Islamic Education in the United States and the Evolution of Muslim Nonprofit Institutions, joins us for a special webinar: CARES Act for Islamic Schools.
Dr. Shariq will be joined by Dr. Angela Seaworth, Texas A&M University, and Brother Sayeed Jaweed, Finance Dept Head at Darussalaam & Al-Huda School (MD) to speak about relief funding for Islamic schools. There will be time for Q & A.

Angela Seaworth PhD, Founding Director, Rice University Center on Philanthropy
Shaza Khan, PhD, Executive Director, Islamic Schools League of America
Sayeed Jaweed, Finance Department Head, Darussalaam & Al-Huda School
Shariq Siddiqui PhD, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University


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Slides and Resources

Dr. Shariq’s Slides: Webinar_ISLA

Dr. Angela’s Slides: Financial Options for Nonprofits COVID19 Relief Seaworth NS 4.4.2020

US Treasury PPP Fact Sheet

thumbnail of SBA Faith-Based FAQ Final-2

SBA Faith-Based FAQ

Pre K and Early Elementary Distance Learning Webinar, ISLA & CISNA, April 4, 2020

This webinar provides pedagogical foundations and feedback for pre-k and early elementary distance learning.

Speakers: Dr. Sabeen Ansari, Instructional Coach at Bayaan Academy (FL)

Dr. Seema Imam, Professor, National Louis University, ISLA Board Chair

Courtney Benson, Interim Division Head of Lower School, Sandy Springs Friends School


ISLA-CISNA Webinar Distance Learning Early Elementary

Online Fundraising: Tips for Success, 3/28/20

Guest speakers share how to fundraise online with little to no overhead.

Chris Blauvelt, CEO & Founder of LaunchGood shares key ingredients for a successful fundraiser, including: A dedicated team, matching funds, micro-fundraisers, phone trees, paid advertising and more.

William White, Principal of Islamic School of Louisville, shares how his school utilized a successful stewardship and communication plan with donors and community to raise $100,000 with $0 overhead using WhatsApp.

Mehnaz Fatima, Vice Principal of Al-Rahmah School (MD), shares how her school organized an online gala in a matter of two days in order to achieve their fundraising goals. She provides detailed information on the technical, marketing, financial and programmatic components of their campaign.

PDF of Slides

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thumbnail of ISLA Webinar- Online Fundraising Tips for Success 3.28.2020

Creating Calm in a Time of Crisis: ISLA Town Hall Meeting, 3/22/20

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Islamic school leaders and educators have switched to online learning platforms in an effort to fulfill their commitment to continue providing services and education to their students. During the ISLA Town Hall meeting, we gather to provide support and encouragement to one another to prepare for the challenges ahead. We begin the meeting with Brother Wadud Hassan, who guides participants through a mindful breathing exercise.

The Digital World & Professional Development: 05/04/2018, Dr. Seema Imam

Dr. Seema Imam discusses trends in the digital world as it relates to professional development for those in Islamic education.

ISTE Standards Go Miles Beyond Technology, 04/17/2018, Dr. Seema Imam

Dr. Seema Imam, Chair of ISLA and Professor and Co-Chair of College of Education at National Louis University looks at ISTE standards for Pre-K-12 classrooms. She discusses the standards as it relates to educators, administrators, and students. Finally, she discusses how these standards are so much more than technology standards.

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