Choosing the Right College

Choosing the Right College

ISLA Workshop on January 25, 2023

We were honored to have four amazing panelists join us to discuss how to choose a college, taking into account a variety of factors.  All agreed that “the right college for me, may not be the right college for you.”  We were honored to have A Continuous Charity as a sponsor for this event.  With over 175 registrants, we were delighted to have a wide range of  students, teachers, principals, guidance counselors, parents, and Islamic School alumni in the virtual audience.

Meet Our Panelists:

Key Factors in “Choosing” the Right College

Panelists mentioned that these are key topics to consider, each individual should rank the items in order of priority to themselves, and then note 4-5 key points under each topic which need to be considered.

Vann Diagram on How to Choose the Right College

Key Factors – Academics, Financial & Campus Culture

  • Faith – campus life, Muslim support groups, nearness to a masjed, etc.
  • Academics – Alignment with interests and career goals
  • Family – Nearness to family and relatives
  • Social & Emotional Well-being – Support services offered on-campus
  • Budget – Family and Student Finances
  • Campus Culture – Organization, Clubs, Are there other students that “look like you”
  • Career Support – Internships, Mentors, Networking, and Job Opportunities
  • Muslim Chaplain – Provides student support, organized activities, and connection with school administration
  • Food Options – Halal

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Informational Slide Deck

Slide Deck – Salman Khan, MuslimCampusLife

Workshop Recording

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