Crisis Planning for Schools- Resources

Crisis Planning for Schools- Resources

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Do not cross tape

Student Death. Intruder on Campus. Bomb Scare.
Crisis Response Plans assist schools in having a unified and well-researched approach to various types of crises that may affect a school community.
This year at the ISLA Leadership Retreat we will be reviewing key components of Crisis Response Plans to help Islamic school leaders reevaluate and improve their school’s plans, or to begin creating one if needed.
But you don’t have to wait til December to get more information on Crisis Response Plans. Check out these resources to get a head start.
  • The U.S. Department of Education has developed “Practical Information on Crisis Planning,” a resource to provide schools and communities with basic guidelines and useful ideas on how to develop emergency response and crisis management plans.
  •  The National Education Association’s (NEA) School Crisis Guide is a 87-page manual that focuses on four areas for schools: Prevent, Prepare, Respond, Recover. From positive school climate to crisis teams and social media to the immediate and long-term response that schools must engage in after a crisis, this is a comprehensive guide that every school leader should read.

Does your school already have a crisis response team? Email us so we can highlight your school’s journey to creating a Crisis Response Plan. Help other schools learn from your example along the way!

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