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Oxygen Mask: Yours First

As a new mom, I remember the first time I was traveling in an airplane and heard the air hostess tell me, “In the case of a change in cabin pressure, remember to put on your mask first before assisting anyone else, including your child.” “YEH RIGHT!” I thought. How could I ever be so selfish as to put my own mask on before my child’s?

I literally needed someone to explain to me that the only way I could help my child was if I myself could breath.

And that’s because, as mothers, fathers, teachers, principals, caregivers… we are SO used to putting ourselves second… or third… or… last. It requires a real conscious effort (and reminder) to put yourself first. So much so, that someone may need to tell you explicitly that if there ever comes a situation requiring life-saving efforts, you MUST first ensure your own safety and health in order to be functional enough to help those whom you love and serve.


I liken this to what has happened in the field of education, and particularly in Islamic schools.

Consider this: Islamic school leaders and teachers across the country did a tremendous job of providing continuity and support during the pandemic. Don’t believe us? Check out the COVID-19 research ISLA conducted during the pandemic and you’ll see just how agile our schools were during this time of crisis.

Yet, there’s a question we must ask: At what expense did that continuity come? What did it require of the principals and teachers to provide that level of flexibility? How might this have impacted them on a personal and familial level?

It is time for us to ensure that our Islamic school principals and teachers have some time to check their pulse and fill their cups. ISLA’s Leadership Retreat is designed to facilitate this. At this year’s retreat, we will be focused on: “From Trauma to Transformation: Healing Centered Schools.”

Put On Your Mask, Fill Your Cup

We hope that Islamic schools educators will join us to fill up their cups– because, only healthy leaders and teachers can help create healthy schools and communities.

Picture of Retreat Flyer with forest and sun in background

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