HeartWork for a Healing Ummah

On Sunday, February 19, over fifty educators from across the country joined ISLA for a special 2-hour workshop. “HeartWork for a Healing Ummah: Anti-Black Racism, Prophetic Love and Transformation” with Anse Rukayat Yakub. The educators demonstrated their commitment to being part of positive change in this world with their time and engagement in the workshop.

In addition to a workbook created by HeartWork founder Anse Rukayat, participants also receive two lesson plans for use with students in their classrooms. ISLA Resource Development Intern, Maya Shaban, worked with Anse Rukayat to develop lesson plans that could be implemented in elementary, middle or high school.

As a gift to all educators, including those who were unable to join the HeartWork workshop, we would like to offer these lesson plans for use to all!

thumbnail of HeartWork Lesson Plan for Elementary Schoolthumbnail of Copy of HeartWork Lesson Plan for MiddleHigh School

ISLA aims to inspire positive change and healing within our ummah. Through workshops such as HeartWork with Anse Rukayat, we seek to empower attendees to confront and address the issue of anti-black racism within our community and work towards building a more inclusive and just society, starting with ourselves, our classrooms and our communities.

We recognize that much work still needs to be done, and we are committed to continuing this conversation and working towards a better world. The ISLA and all its members express gratitude to Anse Rukayat for sharing her knowledge, time and experiences with those who attended. We encourage Islamic school educators to continue the personal and professional work needed to learn, teach and reflect on the ways in which we can all contribute to positive transformation in society.

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