Welcoming ISLA’s New Treasurer, Thanking our former Treasurer, Br. Sergil Naviwala

Photo Todd McKinney
ISLA is delighted to welcome Br. Todd McKinney as the new treasurer. His expertise and interest in developing ISLA’s financial policies and capacity are impressive, and we are confident that his skills and experience will be a tremendous asset to our organization. Br. McKinney’s background in finance, including government operations and grant management, and his experience as a founding member of amasjid in Nashville where he successfully led the organization’s incorporation, are exemplary. We wish him a warm welcome and look forward to working with him.
At the same time, we bid farewell to Br. Sergil Naviwala, who has served as treasurer for a decade. We are grateful for his hard work and dedication to ISLA, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.
Thank You, Br. Naviwala!

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