Statements of Solidarity and Support

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In an effort to document the stance of Islamic schools’ against the injustices perpetuated against black Americans and to demonstrate Islamic Schools’ Solidarity and Support for Black Lives Matter, the following schools sent letters to their communities communicating just that.

Each letter is unique. They highlight the diverse communities we serve and the diverse leaders in our schools. Many of the school letters lay out resources for their parents or community members to read and watch to learn more about Black Lives Matter. Some even courageously share their own vulnerabilities by honestly sharing how much more they have to learn and do.

This is one small step that Islamic schools are making towards fighting racism and seeking to establish justice in this world. Collectively we can make a difference and it starts here!

Click on the link below the school’s logo to read their letter.


Al-Fatih Academy (Reston, VA)


Al-Falah Academy (Lilburn, GA)


Al-Huda Islamic School

Al-Huda Islamic School (Hawthorne, CA)


Bayaan Academy

Bayaan Academy (Temple Terrace, FL)


MCC Academy

MCC Academy (Morton Grove/Skokie, IL)



MTI-School of Knowledge (Indianapolis, IN)


Muslim Community Services Logo

Muslim Community School (Potomac, MD)


Nur Islamic School of Louisville

Nur Islamic School of Louisville (Louisville, KY)

Austin Peace Academy (Austin, TX)

Al-Rahmah School (Baltimore, MD)

Al Rahmah School BLM Booklet

The Islamic Academy of Peace (Methuen, MA)

The Islamic Academy for Peace Morning Assembly


Add your school’s statement by emailing us at and Jazakumallahu khairun!

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