ISLA Welcomes Abdiaziz H. Ahmed to Our Board


Abdiaziz H. Ahmed, ISLA Board Member

Abdiaziz H. Ahmed, ISLA Board Member

Abdiaziz H. Ahmed, a dedicated Islamic School educator, and administrator has joined the Board of Directors at ISLA. He is committed to contributing to ISLA’s mission and vision of enhancing Islamic Education throughout North America and ensuring that students receive a solid foundation.

Here’s what Br. Abdiaziz had to say on this wonderful occasion:

“I currently serve at Tarbiyah Academy in Elkridge, MD as the Middle School Social Studies teacher and Director of Middle School Student Affairs. ISLA has been an incredible support system for me as an Islamic School educator and administrator. Their professional development opportunities have been both relevant and enriching, and have allowed me to network with other teachers across the country to share best practices and elevate the quality of Islamic Education we provide. I’ve also benefited from the many resources ISLA provides through the listserv, including curricula, relevant texts, and teaching aids, which have been instrumental in delivering high-quality Islamic Education.

Now that I’m joining the Board of Directors, I’m looking forward to contributing to the mission and vision of ISLA, and expanding their reach to enhance Islamic Education throughout North America. I’m dedicated to ensuring our students receive a solid foundation rooted in Ihsan, and are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed while staying true to their faith.”

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