The Muslim College Guide

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Salman Khan, PhD student in Education Policy, Harvard University

As a graduate of Islamic schools, Salman Khan feels strongly about giving back to the community, and to Muslim students more broadly. Now a PhD student in Education Policy at Harvard University, Khan previously served as a school counselor in New Jersey, supporting students through the college application process in higher education. During this work, he noticed a void in higher education services catering to Muslim students, from halal food options on campus to religious services.

So Mr. Khan set out to do something about this. He was told that one of the reasons institutions of higher education were neglecting Muslim students’ needs was because Muslim students and parents were not actively advocating for them to be addressed.

The Muslim Campus Index and the Muslim College Guide are projects that Mr. Khan has worked on to address this problem, in conjunction with other higher education professionals. The Muslim Campus Index provides information to parents and students about services and resources available to them at specific university and college campuses that may be important for Muslims as they make their decision regarding college enrollment. The Index is still currently being populated with the support of colleges and students who can provide information on the indexed aspects of college life and services.

Muslim College Guide- Page Previews

A look inside the Muslim College Guide

The Muslim College Guide provides prospective Muslim college students with knowledge and insights that can help them determine the best “college fit.” As explained in the Guide, college fit is comprised of many different factors that help students assess whether and which college is a good match for them in terms of their academic, personal and holistic goals as they embark upon their journey into higher education.

The Muslim College Guide also includes messages from Muslim chaplains across the country to students and parents of those for whom college is on the horizon. The quotes from the chaplains offer students and parents unique perspectives with which to consider their final decision regarding college selection.

Islamic schools serving K-12 should consider downloading this useful guide, disseminating it to high school students and their parents, as they prepare for the next stage in their educational journey. The Muslim College Guide is a 20-page PDF document that can be downloaded here.

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