A Powerful Force


Dr. Patricia Salahuddin Honored for Lifetime Achievement

Dr. Patricia Giving Acceptance Speech

Dr. Patricia Salahuddin Honored for Lifetime Achievement

Portions of this article were originally posted in Islamic Horizons July/August 2022
Used with permission

After two years of virtual meetings, the ISNA Education Forum (EdForum), hosted by ISNA in collaboration with the Council of Islamic Schools in North America (CISNA) and the Aldeen Foundation, was held in Chicago on May 13-15. The organizers brought school board members, teachers and administrators together to offer professional development and guidance to advance the mission of Islamic schools.

Lifetime Achievement Award

During the banquet dinner on Saturday night, Dr. Patricia Salahuddin was honored for her lifelong service and achievements in Islamic education. Dr. Patricia currently serves as vice chairperson of the Islamic Schools League of America and facilitator of the Clara Mohammed Schools Network. She has served on boards of the Clara Muhammad Schools, Council of Islamic Schools in South Florida, Florida Islamic Schools, Council of Islamic Schools in North America (CISNA), and PACT team/network member.

Dr. Patricia standing with award

Acceptance Speech

Dr. Patricia gave an inspirational acceptance speech at the event. She reminded educators to reflect deeply on the first verse Allah revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (saw), “Read in the Name of the Lord Who Created.” She encouraged educators to integrate the Quran and Sunnah into every discipline, every project, and every lesson taught– only through this effort will educators elevate education in a changing world.

A Powerful Force

Dr. Patricia’s wide-reaching work in Islamic education has positively impacted Muslim students and institutions for decades. She is known for her strategic and thoughtful leadership grounded in the Quran and Sunnah. Her ability to join together individuals and institutions for the betterment of the Muslim ummah is a unique and powerful talent.

We are honored to have Dr. Patricia leading the ISLA team as vice chair! Read more about Dr. Patricia’s decades’ of service in education here.

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